Saddleback Cup Challenge

Trabuco Hills HS: 27501 Cordova Road, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

SVUSD Quad Meet – El Toro, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo & Trabuco Hills
Saturday – September 4, 2021

Spectators:  All are welcome and free.

Parking:  Free in all parking lots.

Everyone Races (with coach’s approval) – Mandatory Meet.  If possible, please arrive early/stay late to watch all our races and support your teammates.  If not possible, please arrive 90 min prior to your race.  Race Roster will be posted at practice starting Wednesday!  This is a mandatory meet, if you are unble to attend and sent in a request through XC Stats Absence Report and received an approval, you will be excused but will have to turn in a make up assignment.

Bus Schedule: No tranposrtation is provided for this meet.

2019 ET Home Course Map

2021 TH Home Course Map

2021 Race Schedule
8:00 am – Varsity Girls
8:20 am – Varsity Boys
8:35 am – JV Girls
9:00 am – JV Boys
9:20 pm – Sophomore Girls
9:45 pm – Sophomore Boys
10:05 am – Freshmen Girls
10:30 am – Freshmen Boys

2021 Race Recap

Wining Streak continues for both the Boys and Girls.  Both teams are undefeated since (2017) the inception of this Invite.  This year all four SVUSD teams participated in the Invite.  

Varsity Girls: Once again dominated with all 7 runners in Top 10.  Darla, Kasey, Suzy, Carly were 2 to 5 and Shae, Madison and Lianna finished in 7/8/9.  Girls went to set the new Team Time Record for this invite with a fine time of 58:41 with an average time of 11:45.  ROTM is Kasey Lynd.

Varsity Boys: Also dominated by scoring 24 point with all 5 scorers in the Top 8.  Ian, Garrett, Tyler were 2/3/4 and Braedan and Eric were 7/8 for the scoring 5.  Aiden and Ryan made up our varisty squad for the day.  ROTM is Tyler Renteria.

JV Girls: Even is a limited squad, girl almost accomplished a perfect score.  First to forth were Janice, Luisa, Jessica and Brooke.  That was a beautiful sight!  Lexci, Stephany and Grace made up the winning team.  Jessica is our ROTM.  

JV Boys: Boys had a tough day but Nate show he is ready to run fast and ran a smart race by finihsing in 6th.  Boys finished 3rd with David, Tanner, Matthew, Riley, Hamzah, Evan and Sam finishing out our team.  ROTM is Nate.

Sophomore Girls: Once again with lack of runners returning, girls finished 2nd but showed toughness up front from Leilani, Evelyn and Christina.  All finished in Top 8 (2/3/8).  Emma S and Emma H made up our last 2 scorers.  Kirsten and Katherine made up rest of the team.  ROTM is Christina.  

Sophomore Boys: Diego show again why he is the best Sophomore returning by coming in 2nd.  Sophomore finally had enough runners to scorer with several new comer (in bold).  Ronan, Caleb, Carson, Ian, Jacob, Jordan, Sanjeet and Aiden were our team.  ROTM is Caleb.

Frosh Girls: WOW!!!  This maybe the best frosh girls team!  Even without potentital top runner Addyson, girls showed a ton of potential by winning against some tough competition.  Dakota won easily with many surprises from rest of the girls.  Lucy was 3rd, Sara 5th, Kera 7th and Elizabeth 9th were our scorers.  New comer (started late) Charlotte just missing the Top 10 place in 11th, Avery in 12th with Leila and Sophia made up our winning team.  ROTM is Sara.  

Frosh Boys: Boys won in a close contest over Trabuco Hills by 2 points.  Daniel Bulalacao domonated to the start and did not let up and won by over a minute.  Gavin, Zander, Lukas and Moses (7/8/9/10) were Top 10.  Luke, Jackson, Hunter and Finian made up the team for the day.  ROTM is Gavin Crocker.