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El Toro Cross Country is based on the premise that running/physical activity and participation are important for all student-athletes, regardless of their level of athletic skill or ability.  Through participating each day of CLASS (yes, it is a class); student-athletes will learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. In addition, we hope to instill the enjoyment and discipline required with daily running/physical activities by coaching each student-athlete to compete with fair play, good sportsmanship, and an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness along with good basic nutrition and a positive attitude.  Cross Country may not have been your first choice but please respect this great sport!!  

Student-Athletes Expectations: In addition to ET’s athletic policy…

1. Respect the rights and property of others. To be a team player.
2. Follow directions; prepare to give an honest effort with a positive attitude.
3. Be prepared for class – dress out in proper athletic clothes, shoes, and gear.
4. No drug or alcohol use – ZERO TOLERANCE.
5. No hazing of ANY TYPE – ZERO TOLERANCE.
6. Abide by ALL SAFETY RULES (no jaywalking) and stay on the course designated by the coach and NEVER run alone.
7. Any inappropriate behavior on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…) or any inappropriate behavior during and after school/practice hours maybe grounds for dismissal from the team. Understand that coaches maintain the RIGHT TO SELECT OR CUT some runners based on their participation, attitude, citizenship, work ethic, and integrity… not just based on how FAST you run.  Any violation will result in a referral to the administration and may result in dismissal from the team.

Evaluation Process:

The following will be used to determine your grade:  YES…  THIS IS A CLASS!!

Participation Points – each day of class is worth 10 points. Participate in the class activities the entire period until 4:45 pm, or when dismissed by a coach.  You must be able to participate until 4:45 pm each day of class with a positive attitude and honest effort.  Participation in daily practice is worth 60% of your grade.  This year, there are 70 practices.  If you attend all practices, you will earn an additional extra credit of 100 points.

1. Everyone MUST attend all league meets. You will receive partial credit if you are unable to race unless approved by the coach in advance. There are 2 league meets.  10% of your grade per meet.  Invites are worth 10% each.  You may earn additional points for attending invites you qualified to race.

2. Prior approval must be submitted in writing and approved for an early dismissal from practice.  5 exceptions will be made per season (early dismissal means anytime before 4:45 p.m.  You may use any one of these 5 passes (exceptions) for any personal reasons at any time of the season except on long run or workout days.

3. Absences/Make-up – if you have an EXCUSED absence, see your coach for a make-up assignment. If you do not turn in make-up work, you will lose points for ANY absence. The coach will determine make-up work (physical or written).

4. Grading Scale: 90 – 100% = A, 80 – 89% = B, 70– 79% = C, 60 – 69% = D, 0 – 59% =F

Non-dress/Tardy/Daily Assignment Consequences: 1st incident – verbal warning
2nd incident – written warning
3rd incident – referral to the administration and may result in dismissal from the team

Illness/Injury/Attendance Policy

1. If you are well enough to come to school, but feeling too ill to participate in practice, or have an injury that prevents you from participating, you must do the following to receive credit.  Bring a note signed by a parent with a contact phone number.
2. DRESS OUT.  Not dressing is worth 50% of your participation grade.
3. Participate in the stretches and any other part of the exercise you feel you can. If you have an injury that prevents you from participating longer than 3 days, a doctor’s or athletic trainer’s note will be required. We hope to help our student-athletes to become lifetime lovers of physical activity and running. Since those are the expectations we have placed upon ourselves, we must require these few simple rules to follow from our student-athletes. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If at any point in time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attendance & Practice 

Roll will begin exactly 10 min after the start of the 7th period.  You must be seated in your assigned seat at that time or you will be marked absent or tardy. Weekday practices will end at appx 4:45 pm on school days. Saturday practices will start at 7:30 am and end at appx 9:30 am. You will be allowed to leave practice after all core, drill, and stretching exercises have been completed, NOT BEFORE. If you have other obligations (work, club soccer, etc) that are before 4:45 pm then, unfortunately, participating in cross country may not work out for you.  Participating in cross country will not be mutually beneficial for you, your teammates, work, or any other sports.  Please think it over before joining cross country.  Speak with the coach to see if it will be beneficial to you and the team (both teams/sports).

Attendance will be recorded daily!! Team members are expected to be at practice each day. If you have an unexcused absence, you may not be allowed to compete in the next meet and your final grade may be lowered with each unexcused absence.  After 5 unexcused absences, you will be asked to find another sport. The coaches will determine if your absence is excused or unexcused.  You may be ineligible to compete in a race following an unexcused absence. You must inform your head coach in advance if you will be missing practice through XC Stats Absence Report. Below are examples of unexcused absences.

• Have a friend or teammate tell the coach, ABSOLUTELY NO, unless it is a TRUE EMERGENCY.
• Tell the coach right before practice unless it is a TRUE EMERGENCY.
• Tell the coach the next day.

Excused Absences/Procedure
• Family emergency.  If this is a true emergency it may be difficult to let us know before practice, no worries.  Parents, please be HONEST.
• Vacations – Please clear well in advance of any family trips with Coach before you go. Advance notice will help us adjust your training schedule.
• Religious Observances.
• Meet with a teacher for extra help or make up an exam.
• Doctor’s/DMV Appointments.  Must notify in advance and return with written proof.
Notify the coach through in advance to be excused. Advanced notification does not mean the morning of… depending on the event, a minimum of 48 hours.

Unexcused absences include but are not limited to… remember, you signed up for cross country
• I have a soccer game (unless with prior approval), bike ride, ping pong tournament, etc land I am choosing to play instead of running in the invitational or come to practice.
• I have a big homework project. Academics come first but plan ahead! Learn and manage your time wisely.  This skill will help you in the future!  Coaches are reasonable, communicate.
• I am taking an AP/IB class. 90% of varsity team members are… we are one of the highest GPA sports team on campus.  Our varsity team members usually carry GPAs well over 4.0!
• I have friends and/or relatives in town… but Grandma drove 500 miles to see me.  I am sure you knew in advance.  Get prior approval.  Communicate so we can help you spend time with grandma and/or adjust your schedule so you do not waste all that time getting in shape.
• My parents are making me go to my uncle’s house. Go after practice!  Invite your uncle to practice or to our next meet!  Parents, please do not cover for your athlete!! They are in HS now… a good time for them to accept responsibility.
• I’m really tired, I did not sleep last night. Learn to manage your time better, we all have those days. Be honest with your coach. If it’s your first time, be honest and the coach may give you a break! Honesty goes a long way. Remember, the coach has heard everything.
• My goldfish died. My dog ate my homework, etc.

Parent’s DO’s and DON’Ts
• DO encourage your athlete…
• DO cheer them on in races but show good sportsmanship…
• DO provide proper equipment… watch, good shoes/socks/shorts, etc
• DO leave the coaching and race strategy to the coaching staff… we know what we are doing.
• DO have your athlete contact the coach with issues first… if it is not resolved, see below.
• DO contact Coach Chai with comments or concerns…
• DO understand that they will get out what they put in… not any more or less.
• DO give 24 hours before contacting the coach with concerns, issues…
• DO NOT make excuses/cover for your athlete… you would be surprised by what we know.  Be honest! 

• DO NOT ask them to PR at each meet… they will not and it’s by design!
• DO NOT coach your athlete… you may know more but only 1 chef in the kitchen, PLEASE!
• DO NOT give them racing advice… even if you were an Olympian.
• DO NOT ask for special treatment… even if your son/daughter is #1 runner on the team.
• DO NOT criticize the program… all that does is put doubt in their head!

This is the greatest and purest of all sports in our humble opinion. Coaches are reasonable people, any REASONABLE and HONEST request will be seriously considered as all rules can be bent.  Please help represent this great sport, our school, team, and yourselves by being respectful athletes and parents.  To achieve greatness, you must pay in advance.

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