How do I enroll in Cross Country?

Contact Coach Chai at or 949-973-0703 or speak with your guidance counselor. Other questions? Please check the website at

Is there a Try-Out?

No, not for an incoming freshman.  Please check our website at under CC Team Policy for additional info. For all returners, you must participate in at least 75% of the summer training (32 out of 42 practice days) or make the team at our Try Out. Check under the Summer Training tab for more info.  For anyone who is not Frosh, you must try out and meet these marks.

Minimum standards for returning/non-Frosh athletes (2-mile course)
Sophomore Boys/Girls: 12:30/15:00
Junior Boys/Girls: 12:00/14:30
Senior Boys/Girls: 11:30/14:00

How many miles a day will I run?

It depends on your ability but for a 1st-year athlete, 10 min walk/run at the start and will increase as your fitness develops.

Do I need experience or to meet a minimum time in a mile?

No! Everyone with a good work ethic is welcome but all returning/non-Frosh athletes will have to meet a minimum mark or participate ~75% (30 out of 42 practice days) during the summer.

When do I start running for Cross Country?

Sooner the better.  Official Summer starts on June 26, 2023.  Here is the link to sign up for Summer Camp.  

Store | Boys & Girls Cross Country Summer Training (

Are there coaches at practice?

Not during CIF dead period. CIF dead period is the last 2 weeks of June.  This is an unofficial practice without adult supervision. Athletes run on their own with other members of the team. TBD for 2023.

Why are there no coaches during this period?

It is against CIF rules.

Do I have to run during this period?

No. However, it is highly recommended for anyone wanting to be competitive.  We recomend incoming freshmen run 3 days a week during this period.

Do I have to sign up for summer conditioning to participate in Cross Country?

No, not for an incoming Freshman, but it is highly recommended for anyone wanting to be competitive, to be considered for the Clovis Invite/Trip, High Altitude Varsity Camp or Saturday Invitationals. Summer base training is the MOST IMPORTANT training phase. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED BY THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK AND PARTICIPATE FULLY TO QUALIFY FOR THE VARSITY CAMP AND OVERNIGHT INVITATIONALS. Our first race of the season is usually the first week of school. As you can see, it will be very difficult if you did not participate in the summer training practices. 

When is summer conditioning?

The schedule can be found on our website., under the Summer Training tab.

How do I sign up for summer conditioning?

The link can be found on our team website., under the Summer Training tab.

What is the cost of summer conditioning?

$200, although we are one of the lowest cost programs in the county compared to others, we do not want you to miss out on what is the most important phase of your training due to funds.  We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available.  Please ask for an application if you think you qualify.

Why is it important to start training so early?

We train in phases. Although we touch on all 4 energy systems in all our phases, the first phase is the BASE phase and it is the MOST IMPORTANT phase. You need to build a solid foundation so that you can get your body prepared for harder and faster work to come once the season starts. The sooner you start the better!

What happens if I must leave on a family vacation or for other commitments?

Not a problem.  You will be given a MODIFIED running schedule. It is best not to miss too many days as you can quickly lose fitness. All returning runners must attend 75% of summer practices to be added to the roster.

What is the Varsity Camp?

It is for the top 7-9 runners per gender plus a few coach’s selections (based on their time trial and summer training) to train at great locations and to bond as a team. More info can be found on, under the Upcoming Events tab under Varsity Camp.

What is Clovis Invitational?

It is a 5000-meter (3.1 miles) race that is held on the same course as the CA State course. We take appx 50 athletes (boys and girls) on an overnight trip to Fresno on a charter bus. More fun than you can imagine. More info can be found on, under the Upcoming Meets tab.

Will I be able to participate in Saturday Invitationals?

Saturday Invitationals are by invitation only. There are different standards for different Invitationals.  It is highly encouraged if you get an invite.  More info can be found on, under the Upcoming Meets tab.

Is there a fee to join Cross Country?

No. However, the program is SOLELY FUNDED by donations from athletes. A small donation is asked at the parent meeting to pay for coaches’ stipends, uniforms, transportation, equipment, etc.

Do I have to join track if I run Cross Country?

No! Track is a spring sport, but we would like you to participate in Track to build your fitness for next year’s Cross Country.

Is there an incoming Freshman Parent/Athlete meeting?

Yes, the incoming parent meeting is usually in late May in the MPR at El Toro HS. A mandatory parent meeting for everyone will be announced later. More info can be found on, under the Upcoming Events tab.  We will have a Meet the Team Night usually in early June.  It’s a question-and-answer night with coaches, parents, and current athletes.  We will serve pizza and drinks… few team gear will be given out as raffle prizes.  You can obtain all the necessary info at either meeting.

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