• DO NOT run faster than at a conversational pace unless specified. This means you should be able to converse comfortably in FULL SENTENCES. DO NOT run with anyone faster than 20-30 seconds per mile faster than your current PR. Another words, do not run with someone who is a 5:00 miler if you are 5:40 miler unless you have cleared it with Coach Chai. Running faster with someone faster may have a short-term benefit but it will not help you in the long run. STAY PATIENT!! Distance running requires a ton of patience.

• Do your best not to miss any of the runs. If you miss a run, DO NOT try to make it up the next day.

• If you have missed a run, adjust your long run. Your long run should not be more than 25% of your total weekly mileage in most cases. For example, if your total weekly mileage is 40 miles, with a 10-mile long run (25% of 40 is 10 miles), and you missed a 5-mile run, your long run should be 8.75 or 9 miles. If your long run is 60 minutes or less, this rule does not apply.

• If you missed a run, like an example above, if the run you missed was 10% or more of your weekly volume, repeat the same week. DO NOT jump to a higher volume week the following week. REPEAT the previous week. As you can see, missing a run can set you back quickly! Ask if you have any questions. DO NOT try to figure it for yourself.

• Having soreness, heavy legs, etc during the build-up phase is normal. You must fight through this during the build-up phase!! First 5-6 weeks will be VERY DIFFICULT but if you can stay consistent and run all your runs, you will feel better and run faster in workouts and races. If the pain is SHARP or it’s an injury you have experienced before, you need to stop and reassess the injury and check in with coach.

• BRING RECOVERY DRINK and practice your recovery on runs over 60 min. The easiest way to improve your performance by up to 4.5%. If you are a 5 min miler, that is 13+ seconds. That’s 40+ seconds in an XC race.

• Varsity/Sunday Group, set a time to meet or do what Lompoc (Hall of Fame Team) did by having a loop where each stop was a teammate’s house. Be a leader!! SUNDAY RUNS ARE IMPORTANT if it’s on your SCHEDULE!

• KEEP EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE!! Ask yourself this question each time you want to do something negative like staying out until 1 am. Is what I am about to do good for my team? TEAM FIRST!!! Team’s success will lead to your success.

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