Team Captain’s Application

The role of a cross-country captain is to:
• Lead by serving others, supporting and encouraging teammates and coaches;
• Act as a role model, leading by example (on time and on task);
• Serve as a mentor and guide to your athletes (stretch group);
• Represent the coaches to the team, and the team to the coaches, in shaping the direction of the season and team.

Captains take on a number of responsibilities for the team, including teaching routines, drills, and courses to new athletes; preparing and supporting teammates for race day; bringing important supplies to competitions (medical kits, EZ-Up, etc.) and helping to educate and support their teammates, ensuring success for all members of the team, regardless of experience or ability.

Captains will receive emails regarding our weekly and daily schedule. The expectation is that the captains will read the e-mails, provide constructive feedback (if any), and complete their assigned tasks for the workout. Captains will maintain not only their training log but their group’s training log as well.

Captains may also be asked to take part in team-building and service activities, such as:

• Volunteering to help at Saddleback Cup Challenge
• Facilitating Summer Fun Events for the team

Summer will be your tryout period. How often you attend practice, and the role you play while there will determine whom your teammates and coaches choose as leaders for the fall. We usually have 14 captains in the fall. Each team member will vote for their candidate. The final selection may be selected by the coaches.

Selections will be made based on:
o Summer attendance and contribution of candidates
o Team voting
o Coaching staff’s input

Captains will annouced on second Tuesday once school starts

1.  Write an application Letter – Keep it to 2-3 sentences.  Your letter should respond to the two following questions.
• What has Cross Country meant to you in your time at ETXC?
• What can you give to ETXC by being a Cross Country captain?
2.  At the bottom of your letter please include:
• Summer Activities (Extra-Curricular, Vacations, etc)
• Any outside commitments

All letters are due to Coach Chai by 5 PM, Friday of first week of school
1.  E-Mail a word document to Coach Chai at
2. Captain Candidate Drive Away/Meeting – TBA

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