Woodbridge Distance Classics

Last updated on September, 14 at 8:43 pm

Friday  – September 16, 2022
Great Park Sports Complex:  8000 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618

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Once our team tent is set up, a notice will go out over the Remind Text on the afternoon of the race

2018’s largest XC meet in the world with over 16,000 runners, 330+ teams, top nationally ranked teams including several out-of-state teams.  Please allow plenty of time to park (you must purchase a $20 prepaid parking ticket) and walk to our team tent.  Restaurant and food trucks will be available.

Parking Info/Directions

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Bus Schedule – 2 buses.
Please turn in your Transportation Exemption Form if not taking the bus.
Departure: 1:30 pm (1st bus, all boys except Varsity), Early dismissal for all the boys and Novice girls at 1:15 pm. Early dismissal is only for 1st bus athletes. 3:30 pm (2nd bus, rest of the team except Varsity)
Return Departure: 10:45 pm.  Only 1 bus will return.  Limited space!

Race Schedule – 2022

  • 3:50 pm – Boys Novice
  • 4:10 pm – Girls Novice
  • 4:30 pm – Boys Frosh
  • 4:54 pm – Boys Soph
  • 5:18 pm – Boys Junior
  • 5:42 pm – Boys Senior
  • 6:06 pm – Girls JV
  • 6:30 pm – Girls Frosh
  • 6:54 pm – Girls Soph
  • 7:42 pm – Girls Varsity
  • 8:54 pm – Girls Varsity Rated
  • 9:14 pm – Boys Varsity Rated

Boys Sweepstakes Race

Girls Sweepstakes Race

2022 Runner of the Meet

  • Girls Novice – Kelly Cuevas
  • Boys Novice – Ethan Liccardo
  • Boys Frosh – Wyatt Fishburn
  • Boys Soph – Luke Cymbor
  • Boys Junior – Caleb Lopez
  • Boys Senior – Hamzah Ajaj
  • Girls Frosh – Riley Pratt
  • Girls Soph – Charlotte Barkehanai
  • Girls JV – Lexci Pastis
  • Girls Varsity – Elizabeth Smorick
  • Girls Varsity Rated – Evelyn Gonzalez
  • Boys Varsity Rated – Braedan Doherty

2022 Race Recap (2022 TBA)

Frosh Boys: Boys took 3rd place as a team with Daniel Bulalacao taking 3rd place individually.  The boys were a bit timid (understandably) but moved up well in the second half.  Lukas Franz had a much better day, but the rest of the team must get tougher.  Daniel is our ROTM.

Sophomore Boys: Finally with enough runners to score, boys took 17th place.  Diego Venegas once again got a bit too aggressive at the start but held on to take 9th place overall.  Newcomer Justin Boado was the 2nd runner for ET and Justin is our ROTM. 

Junior Boys: With just 5 runners, juniors still managed to take 3rd place and place two runners in the top 10.  Nate Varela ran a smart race once again.  Nate moved up beautifully throughout the race to take 6th place.  Ryan Mascola was up front early with the leaders and held on for 10th.  Newcomer Evan Greenberg helped to seal the 3rd place as our 5th scorer.  Matthew Biedebach who was 3rd for ET is this week’s ROTM. 

Senior Boys: With just 4 runners, ET could not score but still had a fine showing with David Gomez taking 18th place.  Riley Evans moved up nicely to take 25th.  Riley is our ROTM for this week.

JV Girls: With several girls missing from the roster due to illness, it was touch and go as to whether we would have enough girls to score.  Janice stepped up big and lead her team to a 3rd place finish even without a full team.  Even after taking several wrong turns, Janice took 11th with Luisa Escamilla coming up big in the last mile to finish in 12th.  Luisa is this week’s ROTM.

Frosh Girls:  We knew this group of girls were special this year, and they did not disappoint! Our 1/2 took down 2 Westlake girls by coming in 1st and 2nd individually and dominated to take 1st place as a team.  Addyson Warner in her 1st ever XC race won the race with Dakota Danaher taking a close 2nd.  Both girls ran perfectly!!  Based on the splits, they have a lot more in the tank.  This is one special group of freshmen!!  Kudos to Lucy, Kera, Avery, Sara, Elizabeth, and Charlotte.  Addyson is our ROTM. 

Sophomore Girls:  Like the Sophomore boys, we finally had enough runners to score.  Evelyn Gonzalez and Leilani Vivaldo lead this group to take home 5th place overall as a team.  Evelyn took 3rd place, just missing second with Leilani taking 5th overall.  With newcomer Katherine Rivera, we had a full team!  This week’s ROTM is Evelyn. 

Rated Varsity Girls: We were not sure if we would even have 5 girls at the starting line on Friday let alone win.  I must say, the girls had the coaches scared at the start.  But as in the past, they moved up nicely.  “Amazing how methodical they moved up in the race” as one coach said from a top OC team.  Kasey Lynd is back in front and moved up 33 places in the middle of the race to help her team caption the win.  Darla Medina with stomach issues ran a tough race to finish 2nd for ET.  Carly Miller who has not been able to run for close to 2 weeks after falling over a rock, came in 3rd for ET.  Both Shae Barrera and Suzy Torres finished with new PRs.  Our ROTM is Carly for this week. 

Rated Varsity Boys:  Like the girls, without a full 7, it was a tough day for the boys.  Maybe it was all the hype of getting ranked #1 in the Southern Section and then in OC as well.  Maybe it was the hype of Woodbridge.  It wasn’t our day but it’s just Woodbridge and only mid-September!  As the 15x State Champ coach said, “No one cares if you win Woodbridge come November”.  I know this hurts, but we must trust the process and move forward.  Not all was lost as Garrett Hartline ran a fine race with Tyler Renteria and Braedan Doherty setting new PRs.  This team will BOUNCE BACK!!  You can take that to the bank!  Garrett is our ROTM!