Any athletes meeting the following requirements may earn a Varsity Letter:

  • A member of the team in good standing.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and meet academic eligibility.
  • Finish among the top 7 runners on the team in at least 3 of the competitions in a season.
  • Top 12 on the team at League Finals, compete in CIF, or selected as an alternate for the postseason. You must continue to train with the team.
  • Make any of the All-Time lists.
  • A senior athlete who has participated in Cross Country for 3 or more consecutive years may be eligible for a varsity letter. This athlete must be in good standing and may not have more than 6 unexcused absences in a season. Meeting all of the requirements stated above does not guarantee a Varsity letter.
  • Coaches may, with Athletic Director’s approval, issue letters in “special” circumstances to athletes who have given exemplary service.


A Parent’s Guide To The Recruiting Process

In the past decade, our student-athletes have received over 3.2 million dollars in scholarships to varies top Universities in the country.  Top D1 schools like Norte Dame, Northwestern, Rice to UCLA.  Here are some tips on getting recruited by a college. 

Rob Bethmann of Arlington, Texas reached out to MileSplit to offer a few words of wisdom about the recruiting process from a parent’s perspective. He is the father of Cade Bethmann, who improved his 800m time from 1:57.51 as a sophomore to 1:52.4 as a junior and placed third at the Texas State Championship. The senior at Arlington Martin High School committed to Ole Miss in November.

Here are a few thoughts from track dad Rob:

This is supposed to be fun, but it won’t always feel fun.

There is a business aspect to college track and field and you need to face that reality quickly in the process. Schools can give 12.6 scholarships for men and 18 scholarships for women.  There is no limit on roster size, so schools can put 50 athletes on the roster and then divide the scholarships however they’d like.  (more…)