Last updated on June 28, 2023 at 11:11 am

Summer Time Trial

July 20, 2023: 2 mile Course to determine the roster for our Varsity Camp.  A makeup date will be on July 18 or 25…  there will be a 20-second penalty on this date due to a faster course.

Open Tryout for Returning Athletes
July 20, 2023: Final time trial is for all returning athletes who missed more than 25% (10 of 42 days of practice) of the summer training to make the team roster.  If you are a returning athlete and missed more than 25% of summer practices, you can try and make the team by meeting the minimum standard at this time trial.  The coach may select a few additional runners with special circumstances who do not meet the minimum standard.

Minimum standards for returning athletes (2-mile course)
Sophomore Boys/Girls: 12:30/15:00
Junior Boys/Girls: 12:00/14:30
Senior Boys/Girls: 11:30/14:00