Summer Time Trial

July 18: At the Sport Park 2 mile Course to determine the roster for our Varsity Camp.  A makeup date will be on July 11…  there will be a 20-second penalty on this date due to a faster course.

Results are in (also posted on XC Stats) from our TTs and they are fantastic!! All the top 12 runners (boys and girls) beat last year’s top 12 runners with a few new faces. The boy’s team finished with just a 10-second gap over their top 5 led by Jonas Hartline. Mitch Groff, Khaled Ajaj, Juan Torres, Jason Leland, Daniel Guzman, Brandon Tressler, Santiago Sanchez, Jayke Pastis, Anthony Keenen, Brendan Callender and Max Cox made up our top 12. Top 5 bettered the 2017 team time by 1:46 (10:13 average), 1:55 for top 7 (10:20 average) and 4:14 for top 12 (10:39 average). Not to be outdone, the girl’s team was led by Taylor Slouka (wonderful to see 3 years of hard work pay off), followed by Alexis Neuville, Grace Griffin, Jessica Martinez, Olivia Reichle, Alicia Vondran, Zoey Lynd, Kasey Lynd, Alexa Mascola, Madison Templeman, Sarah Murray and Paulette Dominguez. Girls top 5 spread was 62 seconds (must improve). Their improvements are off the charts!! Top 5 bettered the 2017 team by 2:35 (12:21 average), 3:38 for top 7 (12:30 average) and a hard to comprehend 8:33 (that’s 43 seconds per runner or 12:48 average) for top 12. Although the weather was kinder and the course slightly faster (6-8 seconds due to fewer turns), these are astonishing results!!  Do not rest on these results, great as they are as no one remembers when November rolls around.  Keep your eye on the big picture!!

Open Tryout for Returning Athletes
August 15: Final time trial is for all returning athletes who missed more than 25% (12 of 48 days of practice) of the summer training to make the 2018 team roster.  If you are a returning athlete and missed more than 25% of summer practices, you can try and make the team by meeting the minimum standard at this time trial.  The coach may select a few additional runners with special circumstances who do not meet the minimum standard.

Minimum standards for returning athletes (2-mile course)
Sophomore Boys/Girls: 12:30/15:00
Junior Boys/Girls: 12:00/14:30
Senior Boys/Girls: 11:30/14:00