Dana Hills Invitational

Last updated on Sept 23, 9:01 am

Saturday: September 24, 2022
Dana Hills HS – 33333 Golden Lantern St, Dana Point, CA 92629
Most of our athletes will race at their grade level.  Please check with your athlete if you are not sure as to which race.

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Weather on Race Day

Bus Schedule – 5:55 am Departure, Return – 1:00 pm.  Not mandatory to take the bus.  Racing later,  sleep in and ask a parent to drive you.  Not taking the bus?  Please fill out the Transportation Exemption Form.   Please arrive 90 min prior to your race if you are not taking the bus.

Awards – Grade Level Races: Plaques will be awarded to the top 2 teams; Individual medals to the top 50.

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Race Schedule – 2022

Boys & Girls Varsity teams will race in the Invite for 2022

  • 8:00 am – Boys Invite
  • 8:15 am – Girls Invite
  • 9:00 am – Boys D1 Sophomore
  • 10:00 am – Boys D2 Senior
  • 10:15 am – Girls D2 Senior
  • 10:30 am – Boys D2 Junior
  • 10:45 am – Girls D2 Junior
  • 11:00 am – Boys D2 Sophomore
  • 11:15 am – Girls D2 Sophomore
  • 11:30 am – Boys D2 Freshmen
  • 11:45 am – Girls D2 Freshmen

2022 Runner of the Meet

  • Boys Varsity Sweeps – Garrett Hartline
  • Girls Varsity Sweeps – Carly Miller
  • Boys D1 Soph – Rogan Arriaga
  • Boys D2 Senior – Hamzah Ajaj
  • Girls D2 Seniors – Janice Cho
  • Boys D2 Junior – Caleb Lopez
  • Girls D2 Junior – Kathy Rivera
  • Boys D2 Soph – Zander Barrera
  • Girls D2 Soph – Avery Miller
  • Boys D2 Frosh – Nathan Mavros
  • Girls D2 Frosh – Amelia Nguyen

2021 Race Recap (2022 TBA)

Congrats to all who raced on Saturday at the Dana Hills Invitational! Numerous athletes stepped up and gave their all even without a full-scoring team in some races. With our varsity teams sitting out this race and sickness going around we were only able to put together five scoring teams (minimum of 7 is a full team). Our athletes also had to go up against the top varsity runners from other schools in their grade level. 

Senior Boys: With just three runners and missing our number 1 senior, David Gomez, our seniors had a fine showing. Tanner Fishburn led the group and following closely were Riley Evans and Samy Robles. With a 60 second PR our ROTM is Samy Robles.

Senior Girls: With senior, Luisa Escamilla out, Sthephany bravely stepped up to the starting line on her own and had a great race with a new 23 second PR. Our ROTM is Sthephany Nino.

Junior Boys: The junior boys had a full scoring team consisting of Ryan, Nate, Matthew, Evan, Hamzah, and Kevin. Nate had yet another PR of 29 seconds, dipping under 17 minutes for the first time! Matthew, Hamzah, and Evan also had new PRs and Kevin had a fine time in his first cross country race. Our ROTM with a 38 second PR is Evan Greenburg.

Junior Girls: Even without a full team, the 3 junior girls, Janice, Brooke, and Lexci were filled with positivity and smiles at the start line. Janice was the number one girl for ET with a PR of over a minute, dipping way under the 20-minute mark. With a time of 19:14, our ROTM is Janice Cho.

Sophomore Boys: The sophomore boys team all ran PRs, almost all well over a minute! The team consisted of Justin (0:38 PR) Jacob (1:25 PR), Ronan (1:45 PR), Jordan (3:11 PR), Sanjeet (6:51 PR), Caleb (0:52 PR), Carson (NT), Ian (2:19 PR), and Aiden (3:03 PR). With an almost 7 minute PR our ROTM is Sanjeet Veeravalli.

Sophomore Girls: The sophomore girls team consisted of front runner duo Evelyn and Leilani, followed by Emma S., Emma H., KC, and Katherine. These girls had a fine day at Dana Hills with PRs close to a minute! Leilani came in 8th overall in her race and is the ROTM.

Freshman Boys: The freshman boys team was once again led by Daniel Bulalacao who was 1st for ET and 2nd overall in the freshman boys race. He had a PR of over 30 seconds, running sub 17 for the first time even taking a wrong turn! By the finish, he had gapped the 3rd place boy by 30 seconds! The freshman team followed suit by running huge new PRs. Zander (1:21), Lukas (1:31), Gavin (1:05), Moses (1:25), Alex (1:55), Caesar (NT), Fin (NT), Hunter (2:05), Luke (2:07), and Daniel C. (2:21). These boys fought hard throughout the race and finished in 4th place behind some of the best teams in southern California. Running 18:42 and coming in 2nd for the freshman team the ROTM is Zander Barrera.

Freshman Girls: This class of freshman girls is one of the best groups ETCC has ever had! Even without one of their top runners, Addyson Warner, our front Runner, Dakota Danaher, led her team to a very close 2nd place finish! Shoutout to Dakota for being a class act and this team’s #1 fan. This group of girls continues to chip away at their PRs, with almost everyone running a new personal best time. Lucy, Elizabeth, Avery, and Charlotte all passed multiple girls in the last 300 meters, scoring vital points for their team. Huge kudos to Leila who stepped up to the starting line feeling less than great, many would have called it quits but she was a great team player! With a 54 second PR and running under 22 minutes for the first time, the ROTM is Elizabeth Smorick.