OC Championships

Last updated on October 13, 2023, at 11:43 pm

Saturday – October 14, 2023
Mandatory Meet for everyone
Oak Canyon Park – 5305 Santiago Canyon, Silverado, CA 92679

Parking: $20 Cash only.  If you are volunteering, please check in at the Oak Canyon Park Entrance.  Do not park in the dirt parking lot.

Website and Course Map

OC Champs – Annual BBQ (need volunteers)
ET started this tradition years ago by Coach Hagin, it seems every team has a BBQ now, we would hate for this to come to an end this year!! Contact Coach Bark to Volunteer at carolbark@yahoo.com

Bus Schedule 2023: 1st Bus: 6:00 am departure (Boys & Girls Frosh athletes), 2nd Bus: 7:00 am (rest of the team) departure, 2:00 pm return,
Please turn in your Transportation Exemption Form if not taking the bus.

Current Weather

2023 Race Schedule – Medium School for 2023
8:00 am – Frosh Girls
8:15 am – Frosh Boys
8:55 am – Varsity Sweeps Boys
9:15 am – Varsity Sweeps Girls
10:15 am – Soph Girls
10:30 am – Soph Boys
11:15 am – JV Girls
11:30 am – JV Boys
12:45 pm – Award Ceremony

2022 Runner of the Meet

  • Frosh – Amanda Chi & Andrew Flores
  • Soph – Sara Johnson & Christian Throop
  • JV – Kathy Rivera & CJ Lopez
  • Varsity – Dakota Danaher & Garrett Hartline

2021 Race Recap

El Toro XC hosts its first Orange County Cross Country Championships! HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parents, volunteers, and athletes who helped to make this meet a success, none of this would have been possible without your support and help! On an extremely dusty, windy, and hot day, our chargers still had a fine showing on this very difficult course. There were numerous individual wins as well as team wins! From the merge score result the girls’ freshman, juniors and seniors were all first in Orange County!

Girls Freshman: The girls’ freshman winning streak still continues as they placed first at OC champs with a perfect score of 15 points. Dakota and Lucy once again led this group of girls, running a very smart race and delivering that one-two punch. Close behind was a sea of ET jerseys, all coming in the top 10. Once again working together as a pack were Elizabeth, Sara, Kera, Avery, and Charlotte.  Also finishing in the top 25 were Holly and Camila. Dakota’s incredible time of 20:24 made her 5th all-county for freshman girls! Coming on strong and placing finishing OC Champs second team all-county, Lucy Varela is the ROTM.

Boys Freshman: Like the girls, the boys freshman team also had an individual winner as Daniel ran a smart race, staying tough on the hills. With Zander and Moses sitting out the other freshman boys had to hold their own and run as a team. Lukas led the scoring pack of boys consisting of Gavin, Alex, and Luke. Following closely behind were Hunter, Caesar, Jackson, Christian, and Finian. The runner of the meet is Lukas.

Boys Sweepstakes: Considering the very few races the boys have run this season the varsity boys are still figuring out race strategy and how to run together as a team. Garrett and Ian ran in the front pack and held their own, with the best of the best of Orange County. Tyler, Eric, and Leandro rounded out our top five for the day. A few spots behind were Braedan and Nate who had a fine showing in his first varsity race. Garrett was the 5th fastest junior of the day earning him an all-county spot for junior boys. The ROTM is Ian

Girls Sweepstakes: Similar to the boys sweeps, the girls have not had a lot of racing experience this season and might have gone in a bit too confident. Darla ran a strong race and kept tough throughout. Our number 2, Kasey has been coming on very strong and helped lead the rest of her girls to the finish. The next of our scoring 5 consisted of Shae, Susana, and Carly finishing with a 54 second 5 man gap, and rounding out the rest of the pack was Lianna and Madison. The runner of the meet is Darla.

Girls Sophomore: With a limited squad the girls’ sophomore team took home second place and had three girls in the top 5. Leilani won the race with Evelyn close behind in 3rd, and Christina in 5th. Following them were Emma, Katherine, and KC. The runner of the meet is Leilani.

Boys Sophomore: The boys’ sophomore team with an even more limited squad of only 4 had a fine day. They were led by Sanjeet and following closely behind were Caleb, Jacob, and Ian. The boys unfortunately did not have enough runners to place. The runner of the meet is Jacob.

Girls JV: The girls’ JV team packed up nicely at the beginning of the race and ended with a 4th place finish. The team was once again led by Janice, with Luisa, Brooke, Lexci, and Stephany rounding out the rest of the scorers. The runner of the meet is Brooke.

Boys JV: The boys JV race was another nail-biter. The boys managed to get 3 runners in the top 9. Aiden won the race, Tanner was 5th  and David 9th which earned them a 2nd place overall finish. Also making up the squad were Riley, Kevin, Hamzah, Matthew, and Evan. The runner of the meet is Aiden.