World Famous MT SAC Invitational

Last updated on Oct 20, 23 at 9:27 am

Saturday – October 21, 2023

Mt San Antonio College: 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA 91789

With over 500 schools and 14,000 runners, Mt SAC once again takes over the top spot as the world’s largest XC invitational on the most famous historic course.  Varsity plus Top 7-10 Frosh, Soph & JV Athletes by invitation.  The Final Roster will be sent out the week of the invitational.

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Parking: Plenty of parking but prepare to pay $10 cash and walk

Spectator Tickets: $10 for adults.  $5 for seniors over 55, students with ID, and children 12 and under. Tickets can be purchased online on the meet’s website.

Lunch: Bring money for a fast food stop after the races.

Bus Schedule 2023: 5:00 am SHARP departure,11:50 am return
Please turn in your Transportation Exemption Form if you are not taking the bus

2023 Race Schedule (newly updated on Oct 18)

  • Frosh Boys – 7:43 am
  • Frosh Girls – 7:50 am
  • Soph Boys – 8:17 am
  • Soph Girls – 8:24 am
  • JV Boys – 8:39 am
  • JV Girls – 8:46 am
  • Individual Sweeps Boys – 9:02 am
  • Individual Sweeps Girls – 9:22 am

2021 Race Recap

Congrats to everyone who competed last weekend! Our lower level athletes showed their strength on the world famous hills of Mt. SAC. Not only did we have numerous individual wins but our pack running and strategic pacing led to some great team wins! 

JV Girls: The JV girls started the day out strong with a team win! Janice, Luisa and Jess moved their way up nicely throughout the course to finish 1, 2 and 3! Following closely behind and rounding up our scoring team was Lexci in 9th and Brooke in 15th. Despite her legs hurting Sthephany also had a fine day and raced hard for her team. Running a very smart race and leading her team to victory, the ROTM is Janice Cho.

JV Boys: The JV boys had one of the most exciting races of the day which led to a nail biting finish! Although the boys had a tied score for first place they ended up finishing second as Tesoro’s 6th man beat ours by only 4 seconds. Aiden was in the lead early and took off with it, leading by over 10 seconds by the time he had reached poop out. He placed first overall and finished with a new PR. Tanner was close behind and ended up passing 7 guys in the last mile to come in 2nd place. This had set the pace for the rest of the scoring team as they all moved up beautifully in the second half of the race. David finished 6th passing 2 Tesoro guys at the end. Ryan was 11th and Kevin passed numerous runners in the last 400 meters to come in 15th.  Also racing and in the top 50 was Riley, Evan, Hamzah, Matthew and Samy. With a second place finish, running a very strategic race and coming within seconds of his PR on this difficult course the ROTM is Tanner Fishburn.

Sophomore Girls: The sophomore girls also placed second in their race with strong competition once again from Tesoro. Leilani fought hard having to run most of the race by herself in no man’s land with first and second place being almost a minute in front and behind her. Evelyn followed closely behind coming in 4th and Christina got tough and held off the second Tesoro girl for the last 400 meters. Emma S. finished 14th for the race and Katherine was our 5th scorer. Helping her team secure the second place finish, Katherine Rivera is the ROTM.

Sophomore Boys: The sophomore boys were led by Diego who went out a little too aggressively and paid for it on the hills. Justin moved up nicely to take over the number one spot for the sophomore boys that day. Carson, Ronan and Sanjeet rounded out our top 5 followed by Jordan, Jacob, Ian and Aiden. Stepping up and coming in 1st for his team the ROTM is Justin Boado.

Freshman Girls: The freshman girls are once again on their winning streak, destroying the competition and winning by almost 40 points! The girls were led by Dakota and Lucy who moved up very strategically throughout the second half of the course. At the two mile Dakota was third with a significant gap between her and the top two runners, by the time she was flying down the hill she had caught the 2nd place girl and was closing the gap on 1st place. With a little more room to work with she would have won but Dakota took home second place in a very difficult race. Lucy was also running alone the last mile but kept her sights on 3rd place and kept fighting to move up. The pack of ET girls who pushed each other and worked together the whole race was led by Avery, Elizabeth, Sara, Kera and Charlotte. Holy and Camila not too far behind also had great races! Leading her pack and ending with a very strong finish the ROTM is Avery Miller.

Freshman Boys: The freshman boys were once again led by Daniel who ran a very smart race. Daniel was leading by a considerable amount at the halfway mark and kept increasing that gap as the race went on. When he was almost all the way down the last hill, the second place finisher was just beginning to crest and as the announcer said “he was running in his own race and taking off with the lead.” Daniel finished first by over a minute and was followed by teammates Zander, Gavin, Lukas and Alex. Only seconds behind was Hunter, Jackson, Luke and Finian. With an almost 2 minute PR and strong race the ROTM is Hunter Renteria.