South Coast League Finals

Wednesday – November 6, 2019
Irvine Park – 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange CA 92869
Mandatory Meet for Everyone

Course Map – Rain Course will be used at League Finals

Bus Schedule – 10:00 am departure, 5:30 pm return

Race Schedule
12:00 pm – Frosh Girls
12:30 pm – Frosh Boys
1:00 pm – Soph Girls
1:30 pm – Soph Boys
2:00 pm – Varsity Girls
2:30 pm – Varsity Boys
3:00 pm – JV Girls
3:30 pm – JV Boys
4:00 pm – Award Ceremony

Runner of the Meet
Frosh Boys – Mukund Ummadisetti  Frosh Girls – Susana Torres
Soph Boys – Sebastian Chacon  Soph Girls – Gia Sveda
JV Boys – Max Cox  JV Girls – Alicia Vondran
Varsity Boys – Brandon Tressler  Varsity Girls – Grace Griffin

Medal Winners
Boys Soph – Jayke Pastis, Anthony Keenen Boys
Varsity – Mitch Groff, Juan Torres, Jonas Hartline
Girls Frosh – Darla Medina, Madison Greene
Girls Soph – Sarah Murray, Madison Templeman, Paulette Dominguez, Gia Sveda, Gillian Gregory
Girls JV – Alicia Vondran Girls Varsity – Alexis Neuville, Grace Griffin, Kasey Lynd, Taylor Slouka

All League Athletes
Boys Frosh – David Gomez
Boys Soph – Daniel Guzman (#3), Jayke Pastis, Anthony Keenen
Boys Jr – Mitch Groff (#1), Juan Torres (#3), Khaled Ajaj
Boys Senior – Jonas Hartline (#5), Brandon Tressler, Jason Leland
Girls Frosh – Kasey Lynd (#1), Darla Medina, Madison Greene
Girls Soph – Olivia Reichle (#1), Sarah Murray, Madison Templeman, Paulette Dominguez
Girls Jr – Alexis Neuville, Grace Griffin, Jessica Martinez, Zoey Lynd
Girls Senior – Taylor Slouka (#5)

Congrats to all who competed at South Coast League Finals! South coast is always considered one of the toughest leagues in the nation and was made even more difficult with unseasonably warm weather and Santa Ana winds. The Chargers held their own and both Varsity teams qualified for CIF Prelims by finishing 2nd. This will be the 30th (36 in all) straight times for boys and 7th (26 in all) for the girls. With warmer conditions and a new course, it was not a PR festival for the Chargers, but the team competed well against some of the best teams in the state. In the boys Varsity race, the early suicide pace (2:09-800, 4:33-mile) by the leaders took a toll on many, even taking out one of the top runners in the OC. Boys took 2nd behind #3 D1 ranked Dana Hills. Mitch Groff once again ran a smart race and lead his team with a fine 3rd place finish, just getting out kicked in the end. Juan Torres (9th), Jonas Hartline (10th), Brandon Tressler, Daniel Guzman, Jason Leland and Khaled Ajaj were our varsity team. Brandon had a huge race and PR’d by 17 seconds! Nice way to finish off his last league race. Sophomore Guzman also ran smart and had a PR. On the girls’ side, they moved up a few more steps but could not catch the #2 SS D2 ranked team, Mission Viejo. Alexis Neuville showed (as well as rest of the team) why the Chargers moved up 7 spots in rankings this week. Grace Griffin is back to her usual 2nd spot on the team with Kasey Lynd just few steps behind. Taylor Slouka (new PR), Jessica Martinez, Zoey Lynd and Olivia Reichle made up our girls’ varsity team. Alexis and Kasey both set new ET grade level records. The Jr record was from 2008 by Gianna Velasquez and Kasey broke the Frosh record which was the oldest girls record by Nicole Bigger from 1981!!

In the other races, Boys’ Frosh took 4th led once again by David Gomez (9th), with Ian Mead, Richard You, Alessio Thorpe (PR) and Tyler Renteria as our scorers. Girls’ also finished 4th with Darla Media (4th & 11th overall for ET that day), Madison Greene (5th), Luisa Escamilla, Susana Torres and Ruby Acosta as our scorers. Sophomore boys were left without Santiago Sanchez (soccer injury) one of our Top 3 but held their own to finish 2nd. Our top 2 were once again Jayke Pastis (3rd) and Anthony Kennen (5th) followed by Ryan Doherty (continues to improve), Karter Reid and Dylan Messineo. Girls sophomores won easily with Sarah Murray taking the lead on the second lap to win with Madison Templeman and Paulette Dominguez taking 2nd and 3rd. Gia Sveda (one tough cookie) running on a broke toe took 6th and Gillian Gregory finished 7th. In the JV races, Max Cox (8th) broke through with a 14 sec PR to lead his team to a 4th place finish. After a huge race at Riverside, Spencer Kandel had a tougher day after getting stunk by a bee. Ryan Lettieri, Branden Callender and Thomas Manion were our JV scorers. Girls also finished 4th with Alicia Vondran (3rd) leading her team with Alexa Mascola (9th), Isabel Cristerna, Alicia Long and Madeline Essman as our scorers.